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About Us


 We believe our attention to detail is the basis of our success. We put our customers first and our aim is to perform on-  time  and in - budget – every time.

 We are committed to providing an outstanding service, regardless of what may be involved.

 If we can’t do it, the chances are it can’t  be done.

 Our engineers are trained to the highest industry standards in their respective  trades and we use the latest  

 technology to  ensure  you receive the best service possible.

 Drain Werx’s core service is Drainage Maintenance, and these are the areas on which our great reputation

 has been built.

 Since 1988

 Drain Werx have been providing cost-effective and competitive solutions to  drainage issues.

 We provide a 24 hour service to London, Kent, Essex, Sussex, Surrey.

 By constantly growing and expanding in order to always meet the needs of our  customers we  have developed into a professional and well-established service,  recognised for consistently providing a quality service at the most competitive  price.

 Our team of knowledgeable and highly trained engineers are fully armed with the  skills and  knowledge which enable us to tackle any drainage issue in the shortest  time possible.

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