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Drain lining or no-dig engineering is a proven way to repair damaged drains without excavation, giving the benefits of minimal disruption combined with the fastest and most cost-effective way to repair a damaged drain.

It involves installing a new pipe or lining which bonds to the inside of the damaged pipe by a method known as inversion.

Using air pressure to fit the lining tightly against the wall of the damaged pipe restoring the free flowing function of the drain or sewer.

Lining applied to damaged drains prevents further deterioration of the drains and so eliminates any leaks into the surrounding  ground which could lead to subsidence.

The drain lining process is approved by local authorities, surveyors, civil engineers, and architects.

Drain relining can be applied in single lengths or by using shorter, overlapping liners depending on access and logistics.

Patch liners can be used for smaller drains or isolated cracks and breaks within a drain.

Structural Drain Lining

Your drains are the the most important part of any building, defects ignored will cause major problems.

If you have a cracked, broken or blocked drain don’t hesitate to get them inspected.

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